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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Take this tag...

You could see Ro furiously passing on the tag to me .. and this side I am ., meekly accepting ...

10 years ago.....

"Kuch Paane ke liye kuch Khona padtha hai.." .. I liked shahrukh almost for almost couple of years by now..

"Kya paane ke liye itna kuch khona pad raha hai...?? " .. yuck.. i didnt like shahrukh.. suddenly..
I had to leave home first time ever.. to get into my engineering ..

My college Chairman said... "Bete! Tum Kamputer Engineer banne ja rahe ho.. Chinta mat karo.. Khana wana waha bhi milega" ..

Umm . he read my mind..

"Khana acha hoga na... "

" Haa bete jarooor.. " .,

A very supportive faculty indeed..

In the deserts of pilani.. it's a completely new chapter..

new people and seniors greedily looking for their next prey all around...

ragging started and ended in super quick 2 months... how we all freshers were united and hatch plans to escape from the vicious seniours.. we'd all go togther to the mess and we'd all switch off our lights at 8 pm.. and we'd all wake up at 4 am in the morning to do our assignments and prepare for the tests.. and after a few days.. seniors suddenly became friends and well wishers.. they tell you what to do and what not to do.. how to optimise time without overworking for the test... and by the time the freshers party was celebrated.. it was indeed party time...

now we go out separately with seniors.. freshers with freshers aint fashionable anymore.. and some of the seniors are cash rich .. yumm.... would get to eat paneer dosa and fried maggi.. at night canteens without worrying about next DD from home..
but learnt the art of living frugally being suddenly out of home .. relishing each hot samosa and the small gulab jamun that we get served in the evenings...

the change was needed and felt good to be there...

5 years ago...

suddenly everyone is up for their GRE and whereever you look around.. there are flash cards flashing and complicated english words popping out of everyone when they speak to you..

" Making such vocabulary part of your daily usage will enhance your vocabulary quicker... " .. a free advice they throw at you when you ask them why cant they be simpler atleast when they speak...

and within two weeks... all gre books disappear.. moving around with loads of programming puzzles and there's a group study for the tricky ones... ahh.. the interviews...

in less than three days... all of us partying .. suddenly having nothing to do.. and beaming around with the pride ...

with me landing up in the firm that I dreamt to be part of for almost two years by then., it really took me sometime to digest .. I go to my friend and ask him..

"It all happened like a dream.. is this true ?"


" What happened just now ? I saw some black and white spots in the air and nothing else for a couple of seconds.. "

He said .. " I slapped you .. did it hurt ? "

" You moron.. you slapped me ? of course it hurts " .. ( only then I realised that it was hurting.. )..

and him .. " Oh yes .. i know.. see... this is real!!! .. and what you saw are stars.. lucky you... "

[ sidenote : now ., whoever is in a hurry to become my friend soon after reading this .. i can only handle a few at a time ]

after all the fun n lazing around... it was time to come out of college... wonderful friends.. hard work for five years ends to harder work ahead.. but it seemed like bliss at that time ., if not that leaving friends part..

I liked shahrukh again for what he said...

last year...

classmates reunion.... had my schoolmates regroup after almost 11 years.. and they're wonderful ppl... more so coz we rediscovered after such a long time... and each of them up for loadsa fun..!!


Got into my new armour and had the courage to meet up my friend.. only that the worst things dont happen when you're best prepared... my friend decided to play it nice this time around .. good news.. for now.. just hope that I wont be caught napping...

5 yummy things.. [ in that order ]

brains of ppl I like most ...
my alu fry ..
the dish from Ro's cooking = healing .. [ looked yummy.. but not sure what it is :P ]
The plum cake that Ash never shared ..
the big fat laddoo from tirupathi.. ( this one is reall good.. trust me )

5 things i know by heart...

names of my enemies..
phone # of bmw (black) dealers..
names of my friends..
date and time when each of my friends(?) denied to taste my recipes..
that I always misplace my bus ticket just a few hours before the bus departure time..

5 things i'd do if i have lotsa money..

- appoint larry page and sergey Brin to search my misplaced bus tickets faster..
- have bill gates do my hair cut.. ( i like his geek look )
- a wonderful black limo...
- an island where I can sleep with peace....
- still continue to be myself...

5 place i escape to..

- the island that I bought just a few minutes back..
- I'll stay there..

5 things i'd never wear.

- bell bottoms...
- flourescent colors..
- salman khan's " jaane jaana.. " attire..
- the jeans I bought yesterday ..

5 things i enjoy doing..

- eat ( 5 yummy things )
- chatter with my pals...
- a good solid 1 hour sleep after lunch...
- a strong coffee on a cold morning...
- jog after the sunset..

5 fave on tv...

- ponds googly woogly contest ad ( " darling you're looking beautiful " )
- cricket..
- big fight..

uh... 5 is tough from tv ...

Kiran - up for the tag ?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Geared Up!

Buying shield ? This is some stuff I've never had on before , and just wanted to see how I look in it . Got this captured just out of trial room , looked pretty good!

I show this to my other friends and ask me how I look in this new dress. They said they didnt believe it is me. But then , they never believed what I said. My mistake - must've avoided asking them first place.

After some serious effort on my part, one of them chose to agree ( guess, he got tired and made an intelligent decision) , and told me that I looked great in this new attire and should try it often.

He followed it up with a natural question - "It looked more like a war shield than a any regular wear. Why did you like this?" .

When did I tell him that I liked it ?

I'll be hitting Hyderabad in a couple of weeks to see my friend who'll be here for about a month. I know I've annoyed this dear friend of mine!

" What do you think it is ? I think it is Coffee." .,

I said " No, toffee! "

" Bhanu ., this is coffee "

" No. toffee ! " , retorted ., poor me., unaware of what's coming!

" All right , I know how to make you agree. Will be in India very soon. I dont like stabbing , but I like it with people who dont agree with me " - thundered my friend.

I felt a sudden fall in my body temperature .

I'm supposed to be brave !

" Just do a little warm up 'As seen on TV' and you'd be fine" I told myself.

As a proactive person - that I am , went around bangalore this weekend and bought this protective shield. Did put this on the shop owner and tried a few blows over him. He looked just fine. Guess I'd be fine too. Phew!

With the shield with me , kept shouting

"I'd fight for myself and fight for the dignity of human race!"

"All geared up ! Go for it! "


Alarm went off and I open my eyes to see it's 9.00 am Monday Morning.!

Rubbed my eyes and checked if the shield is still with me . Yes it is!

and by noon , I've got my tickets booked to Hyderabad!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Been banging

my head to the wall for the last 15 minutes ! Until I hear a little cracking sound .. now.. dont worry .. it's from the wall..

wait a minute.. why am I doing this ? All because the recipe I tried today didnt end up as tasty as I expected it to be ? Man , you got to have better reasons to break walls !! When do I realize life isnt all about eating .. ( and sometimes cooking ? :P )

( Uhmm.. never knew walls in bangalore are this weak ! . )

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Man who Invented Management

Linking an article on Peter F Drucker ! If Freud explored the Human mind and Bono formalized the process of thinking - Drucker chose something that needs both in abundance !

If rational thinking isnt as rare in reality , everyone understood everyone else and each of us is soaked in Management Principles to be applied to self and relations!

World will be so much bliss to live in!! What say guys ?

Enjoy the article !

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A week that was..

31 October , 7.20pm , Kabini

After a 4 hour long jungle journey ( ok , safari ) , I realized the India was playing another ODI with SL that day and called up my friend to figure out the result. With perceptible excitement , he tells me about Dhoni's 10 sixes and 183 and India winning the match ! .. " Hmm.. Okay " I said..

"Did you notice something ?" I asked myself in a tone of surprise!!

On another day , missing cricket with a 183 on this side stuffed with 10 sixes would've brought me down to my kneels.. Only then did I realize that I'm having hell of a good time out there and didnt flinch a bit of having missed cricket.

Bringing on a huge smile , I hear the the support staff's voice " Sir , would you like to come over to the Campfire? Dinner is served right next to it " ! Whew!!

Assembled at the campfire were a few chilled out souls ! and a few moments with them revealed that one of them is GM , HP ( Hmm.. Big shot - I thought ) and other was a businessman by profession and a globe trotter by passion!! He slowly brought out his stories of how he saw about a few hunders of Lions in Africa and how interesting it was to see a Kill in Kenya forests! ( Ah.. that made me long for longer hauls for trips!! ) .. And the GM dude brought back the regular lunch time topics .... said.. "so, what do you think about the rains in bangalore?" .. Uh..what ?
"Not so good! " I said out loud thinking about the topic , but that seem to have answered his original question!

Quickly found an escape route from that topic - to the dinner table and just wanted to be silent ( without the finger on lips ! - for the school kids reading this ) and enjoy the dinner in midst of lanterns and next to the fire. Realized that each one of us in the family felt the same way .. They're lost in their world.. looking around and fingers doing their job of stuffing the fuel into the body..!!
"Wonder what everyone is looking at ? I dont see much around..!! It's already dark - I thought" .. only that after a couple of minutes I'm doing the samething!

With food emptied and fingers tirelessly searching - we're forced into this world and realized it's 9 pm already and cold breeze is begging for attention .. drawing us closer to the fire again and enjoy the warmth in the cold !!

< fast forward .. > 4x..

Feeling sleepy .. eyes rolled towards my watch without much effort or thought !! Damn!! It's only 10pm.. and I'm feeling sleepy already ??

Wanted to stay awake longer.. for the next day marks my return back into the world!!


6 am.. When was the last time I woke up at 6 in the morning ? Google might've found it challenging to get that answer..

Suddenly dawned to me that I wanted to jog and within no time , was moving around next to the river!! 15 min was too long for me to continue ! After all, you cant do it all once :) ! Rushed back as if there's no tomorrow , a quick shower and a hot cuppa coffee was waiting while I figured that eyes were completely neglecting the cup , and kept rolling around ! ( Didnt I ever see water & trees before ? - asked myself , nevertheless enjoying the sight ) . No , it wasnt a "who can roll eyes faster to complete 360 degrees ?" competition! But , not that I've control over it !!

'Warm'ing up to the day ! Posted by Picasa

Hypnotic !!

Coffee was enjoying it's stint being deliberately consumed and the elements revealing shades which were not bestowed upon on a different day!

flip..flip.. Coffee was consumed! So was the time !!

Time to pack up and back off !! With a thank you note to Mother Nature !!

< fast forward .. > 240x ..

17 Nov , 12.22 am , Bangalore ..

... long hiatus provided the much needed recharging ! No , dont come towards me anytime soon ! I might be mistaken for the Energizer bunny!! Batteries still running overcharged !!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Agenda for the next 10 days ( yes, on vacation :) )
A trip to Kabini..
A 'crack'ing Diwali..
A No-No to iNet-Life.. ( Umm. tough one this :) )
A Big Yes to Sweets.. :)


A Very Big Wish .... Have a blasting Diwali All ..

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hats off to Bangalore

It was raining hell for the last two days and I had to give up on attending office today and decided to stay back . These words rolled out to my colleagues without any thought or intent .. "It's raining like Bangalore here .. and I'll Work from Home today.. "

LOL.. How true ! How appropriate !! A pat on my back .. please :)

After a much deserved place in dictionary as Bangalored ., Bangalore richly deserves more of these ... City of Jams ., City of rains .. Haha :))